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Great Britain
Great Britain is not a country, it is a dry land. It is known as "The Great" because it is a large island in the British Isles with the countries of England, Scotland and Wales on its shores. By the 1800s, the Great Britain was one of the most powerful empires in the world. The trade had brought her great wealth and the country built an empire. Sports and literature are the visiting cards of the United Kingdom. Football, rugby, cricket, boxing and golf were all invented in Britain. It is also the birthplace of many great writers including William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Robert Burns, Joanne Rowling — the author of the Harry Potter books. It's hard to get bored in the UK — it is full of entertainments for every taste.
Discover this amazing, mysterious and foggy country with our Travel in Box version. And don't forget to add milk to your tea!
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A house party guide
A drink
A snack
An aroma
Music playlists (digital)
Podcasts (digital)
Films (digital)
Local guides (digital)
Virtual excursion (digital)
A book
A board game
A sweet thing 1
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A puzzle / Paint by numbers
A surprise
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