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The history of France originates in the deep past and its cultural heritage is one of the richest in the world. It is worth knowing that France does not end in Paris but only begins there. In addition to the beautiful capital, the country is filled with charming resorts and world heritage museums, gourmet cuisine and unique landscapes, numerous lavender fields and cozy towns. France is imbued with the spirit of romance and has a unique charm. It finds its confirmation even in the work of French artists, prominent writers, fashion designers and performing artists. France is able to enchant everyone in its own way by plunging into its fairy-tale world. Get ready to smell freshly baked croissants and cheese as you go to the most inspiring, romantic and beautiful party ever with Travel in Box!

Travel in Box contents

You will find:
A postcard
A house party guide
A drink
A snack
An aroma
Music playlists (digital)
Podcasts (digital)
Films (digital)
Local guides (digital)
Virtual excursion (digital)
A book
A board game
A sweet thing 1
A sweet thing 2
A sweet thing 3
A puzzle / Paint by numbers
A surprise
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