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Italian culture is all about art, family, architecture, music and food. This is the home of the Roman Empire and a major center of the Renaissance, the culture of the Italian peninsula has flourished for centuries. The family is an extremely important value in the Italian culture. The Italian family is not only a mom, a dad and children as it is in the Western world but also — relatives, friends, buddies and even random travelers.
For Italians, food is not just nutrition, it is life. Family gatherings are often held at meals what helps to strengthen family ties. Therefore, the Italian version of Travel in Box is ideal for a large circle of participants.
Throw yourself an Italian themed party and strengthen your family ties!
You will find:
A postcard
A house party guide
A drink
A snack
An aroma
Music playlists (digital)
Podcasts (digital)
Films (digital)
Local guides (digital)
Virtual excursion (digital)
A book
A board game
A sweet thing 1
A sweet thing 2
A sweet thing 3
A puzzle / Paint by numbers
A surprise
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