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Japan is the only country in the world where the emperor rules. Emperors do not have real power but they are still revered as a symbol of the traditions and unity of the country. The Japanese are known for their willingness to work hard. And who works a lot — eats a lot. Japanese cuisine is very different from the food in Western countries. There’s a lot of rice, fish and vegetables, but little meat. This low in fat and dairy products consumption diet is very healthy what helps the Japanese to live on average longer than any other people in the world. The Japanese are very fond of the beauty of nature. The ancient Shinto religion says that the natural objects such as mountains, waterfalls and forests have a soul of their own.
A lot can be said about Japan but it’s better to go to this amazing land of the rising sun on your own. Will you travel with Travel in Box to another corner of the planet to inhale the aroma of cherry blossoms?

Travel in Box contents

You will find:
A postcard
A house party guide
A drink
A snack
An aroma
Music playlists (digital)
Podcasts (digital)
Films (digital)
Local guides (digital)
Virtual excursion (digital)
A book
A board game
A sweet thing 1
A sweet thing 2
A sweet thing 3
A puzzle / Paint by numbers
A surprise
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